My passion for fashion ignited at a tender age. Being someone outside the conventional size range, I have always encountered challenges finding high-quality, stylish clothing during my teenage years. This inspired me to open Boutique Plus 14+.

A couple of years ago, a customer walked into the store, and to my surprise, we realised we were old acquaintances from our high school days in Windsor, Nova Scotia. She brought along my high school yearbook from many moons ago and asked if I remembered what I had written under the section "Future Plans." I had no recollection, but there it was – "I am going to own a Ladies Retail Store."

Guess somethings are meant to be! ♡

Thank you for supporting my small business and lifelong dream.


Such a great experience shopping here. There is a lot of selection, very high quality European clothing, and great prices. There are some really nice accessories. The store is professional and clean. Iris was very helpful with suggestions on clothing. I ended up buying a couple outfits that I can mix and match. I will definitely be back. She is worth the drive!

Emilie S.


Boutique Plus is the go-to spot for unique and stylish brands catering to plus-size women within the 14-24 size range. Our meticulously curated collection of plus-size clothing is the ideal destination to craft the wardrobe of your dreams. With the guidance of our founder Iris Powell, our mission is to empower women to explore their confidence and create a style that revolves around them, because they matter!

A question frequently posed to us is, "What's in Style?" Our answer is simple: it's about what you love and what makes you feel exceptional, confident, and comfortable in your own skin. Iris wants every person that walks through those doors to leave with new pieces that they are excited to wear.